New Elevated Autonomous People Mover System


The innovative Station has a passenger capacity of 12,000 pphpd (Passengers per hour per direction). At the innovative Station, vehicles from both directions are unloading passengers at the same side of the passenger platform. Thereby reducing the required station height to 2-story. This also reduces the overall passenger travel time by 1 minute, as the passengers save 1-story of escalator time.

The vehicles can bypass each other at the stations, making an efficient point to point travel system reducing overall travel time.

The compact station size makes it possible to locate the station closer to the final destination, which increases passenger comfort and experience.

Overall, the innovative Station cuts down travel time and significantly reduces construction cost.


The Guideway accommodates 2 lanes of traffic, one lane in each direction. The Guideway are constructed utilizing 4 beams spanning 100 feet, this is possible because of the light vehicle load and limited dynamic vehicle impact load.

The utilization of precast beams significantly reduces the construction schedule and cost.

Maintenance and Storage Facility

Only a small Maintenance and Storage Facility is required, there can be co-located with a Station or locate offline. Therefore, no additional guideway required to connect to the Maintenance and Storage Facility.

The location of the Maintenance and Storage Facility together with the station creates significant cost savings.


The autonomous (self-driven) battery electric shuttle bus is mass produced and already driving on USA roads.

The utilization of autonomous vehicle eliminates the need for guide rails and third power rail, there are significant cost savings in eliminating the guide rail and third power rail.

The vehicles are charged outside of electric peak cost hour, thereby reducing operating costs.

Because of the vehicles 20 feet turning radius, it easier to fit alignment within existing structures which reduces the cost of right of way.

Because the vehicle is autonomous, it is easier to transition from elevated, to on grade, further reducing construction costs.

Airports and Municipalities Improved customer experience and lower costs

The cost effectiveness of the New Elevated Autonomous People Mover system makes transit connectors viable for Airports and Municipalities who previously had not considered transit connectors viable due to the high cost of existing systems

Concept Design for Your Project

Airports are especially well suited to the New Elevated Autonomous People Mover system. Interested in receiving a concept design for the New Elevated Autonomous People Mover for your project? Contact us below

Reduced Costs ● Enhanced User Experience ● Environmentally Friendly